Ultimatum for Djokovic? You throw a coach, or I’ll end up, Becker threatens

The second half of this season, Novak Djokovic, was far from perfect. From the French Open, where he won his last missing grandslam title, only the Masters in Toronto, the US Open and the Champions’ Tournament were “only” in the finals. Andy Murray, in the great form of playing, has made him the world’s number one. This, according to German Bilde, does not like his coach Boris Becker, who asks Serb to release one of the coaches – mental coach Pepe Imaz.

“I will not bother myself, I feel burned up, the pressure I have on the last years is huge, I need to rest, mainly on the psychological side, I’m exhausted.The amount of matches I’ve had to make over the last fifteen to twenty months is why I do not feel well, “he said after dropping out of the Shanghai Djokovic semi-final.

With the quarterfinals, he has found the remnants of forces at least for the final Championship Tournament, where he succumbed to Andy Murray in the finals of the world championship.

“I had to do such an experience sooner or later. I knew earlier that I could not play this high level for many years. But it’s good that it came.I have other experience that can help me get ready for the next few months, “explained the result of a 12-time grandslam winner.

The team has won former Spanish tennis player Pepe Imaz, who is helping the world with a psychic side. He appeared in the auditorium during a tournament in Paris in a trick with the inscription “Love and Peace” in Spanish.

However, Djokovic refused to talk about a new member of his implementation team, www.sportbet-bonus.com/betclic “I do not know why I still hear about it This mental guru. He played tennis all his life, that’s why he’s here with me. I will not say the details of our cooperation, I do not want to give room for speculation.Imaz is just here, he is part of my team and I like it, “said Serb. But Imaz, according to German media, is in the neck of Boris Becker.The six-time Grand Slam champion was supposed to make further cooperation with Djokovic, Imaz was left out of the team immediately after the Serbian tennis player congratulated Becker on his 49th birthday, with the second coach Marian Vajd agreeing with Imaz leaving the team.