Twenty-one in Poprad at the beginning of Summer Hockey Challenge smoothly blows the Czech Republic

POPRAD – The Slovak ice hockey team has started at the prestigious international U20 Summer Hockey Challenge in Poprad at the age of 20 with a high victory over the Czechs 5-0.

 Peter Cehlárik in front of the Czech Republic
  •  Richard Buri
  •  Radek Havel
  •  Golem Celebrations of Youth of Slovakia  Peter Cehlárik
  • Patrik Koyš and Adam Zbořil

    The coach’s coach Ernest Bokroša led the first three thanks to Horanski 1-0.In the second, they completely control the game and hit four of their opponents, with up to three of them in a great advantage.

    On Friday at 17:00 h duel with Germany, the tournament will end on Saturday at 14:30 against the Swiss representation.

    In the opening quarter of the match, Swiss players over Germany beat 2: 1 after prolongation and separate raids. 5: 0 (1: 0, 4: 0, 0: 0)
    Goals: 5. Horian (Grieger), 23. Lantos, , Kolena), 32. Tax (Reway, Gachulinec), 37. Horian (Grieger). 5: 6, Powerups: 3: 0, Defeats: 0: 0, 463 viewers Ernest Bokros, SR coach: “Before a nice visit to the poprad stadium We have played a solid match.From the opening to the final minute, we played a nice hockey. Our game was well organized, on the move, the defensive worked responsibly, which also picked up my Czech counterpart after the meeting. I’m also delighted with the fact that we have been able to use three play games. From 3: 0, they believed the boys and were in a tight control. Even at 5: 0, we encouraged players to continue playing the game system that we set. I am delighted with the game and the result, even though I am aware that the Czechs have made two selections of the two-year-olds and the younger ones (the Czechs call it ‘nineteen’, although it has ten players in the year 1994 – note) playing the tournament In Poprad.On the other hand, in our selection we play up to nine players in 1995, respectively. 1997. “

    Germany – Switzerland 1: 2 pp a sn (1: 0, 0:
    Goals: 2. Laub (Koslowski) – 36. Praplan (Dünner, Frick), pitch: Bertschy, 135 spectators

    Friday, August 3
    13.30 Czech Republic – Switzerland
    17.00 SLOVAKIA – Germany

    11.00 CZ – Germany