Trnavský Spartak from Bosnia with a promising result: Before the domestic revenge, everything is open

SARAJEVO – Spartaka Trnava’s football players drew in Bosnia and Herzegovina with home team FK Olimpic Sarajevo 1: 1 in the quarterback preliminary match of the European Championship 2015/2016 and before the weekend retreat have better prospects to move to the next stage of the tournament as their opponent. Trnavčania played in Sarajevo from 14th minute goal Panda, but a valuable draw was arranged in the 70th min alternating E. Halilovič.

The revenge will take place on Thursday, July 9 at 20.05 h in Zlaté Moravce, as the home stands of Trnava reconstruction. The winner of this double-fight in the 2nd EL predlate against a more successful team from the pair of FC Linfield (Northern Ireland) – NSÍ Runavík (Faer.).

The winners of the coach Juraj Jarabek have already collected on 14th.min thanks to home Panda. He managed to offset Schranz on the corner of Mikovich, but goalman Hamzič was ready. On the side of the Trnava team, she was also lucky in the half-time break, when in the 41st minute Raščič was only in the jersey.

After changing the sides, he was right next to Harb and in the 65th minute, Clover also missed Hamzi’s goal. The equalization was settled in the 70th minute by Spartak Emir Halilovič, a new man in Spartaka, who had just replaced the Schranza for a few seconds before. Five minutes later the home team could again lead, but Brkovic only scored in the jersey. In the end, Spartak has secured a valuable draw.

Juraj Jarabek, coach of Trnava: “Although we had a better hold of the ball in the first place, the opponent gave us a goal.In the first half the home was better, they had two or three great chances, and one turned into a good one. We missed a better move, so we played bad. In the second game, we improved, and it also brought us a 1-1 win in the form of a goal. Emir Halilovič made his way through the middle and almost again. It is a hopeful result for us, we have scored a goal with our opponent. “Emir Halilovich, the author of the Trnava goal: ” The goal right after I arrive at the playground in my the first competition game for Trnava, which in addition gave us a draw, is pleased. The opponent was quite heavy. But we can count on the opponent’s goal in the draw. “