Three nuts for Olomouc football: Ordoš, Hubník and Halenár disappear?

Why was not the experienced offensive universe Juraj Halenar in the Olomouc football nomination for a match with Slovácko? “We have an internal agreement with Juraj, some things are developing now, I do not want to discuss it. It is more a matter of leadership, “coach Václav Jílek responded to the question of MF DNES.

And before the same question was given to leadership, speculations began to grow: Will the summer shift go from Sigma back in the winter? “Now it’s premature to comment. We still have one match in the autumn, “Ladislav Minář, sports club manager, told MF DNES. “He was not nominated because he had health problems in the week and then solved private things. We will deal more with the season afterwards. “

After the last autumn match in Příbram, Minar will deal more.In fact, there is a danger that Olomouc is going to be rescued by three thirty. In addition to Halenár, the contract with Michala Ordoš and the hosting of Romano Hubner from Pilsen ends.

There are three nuts for Sigma. How do they crack?

Logically, he wants to avoid noticeable losses, but he does not have the chance to leave the keyhole Hubner and Ordoš. “At Michal Ordoš it is still the same: he wants to go abroad. The agreement is that it wants to wait abroad by the end of the year, and when it does not work, we expect to offer Michal an extension contract. But he does not want to act in this situation by the end of the year.Already since the beginning of July, he declares that he has definitely preferred foreigners, “Minar repeated. “In any case, his services are of interest – both club and coach,” assured fans.

only the end of Schulmeister

By the end of the wounded, Ordo has recently confirmed in the interview for MF DNES best online betting offers that he still wants to make money. Apparently the last better contract is waiting for him. And there is a predominance of foreign stays with him, but only slightly. In other words, it depends on Olomouc’s offer. “Foreign dominates, but it does not have to prevail. It may prevail over Sigma.It is open, “he said.

It is not clear even in the case of Romano Hubník, who returned to Olomouc home from the Pilsen Championship for family reasons. Will he head back again, win the title and nomination for football betting offers the Euro? It depends primarily on him.

“Roman will say after the autumn season how it will look,” Minar said.

“It depends on whether he wants to stay or return to the parent club, as much as he cared for him to want to go home. Everything is his decision, we will not affect it. “

Hubner continues:” I will only decide after the last match.I still have time to think. “

The performance of an experienced but still fast defender is a great satisfaction at Hana. “There is no need to debate it, but we are sorry that his health and exclusion limits him to making the game more for us. But when it’s on the pitch, it’s a huge benefit for us, “Minar commends. “Stopperská dvojka Hubník s Radakovičem je veľmi silná.”

The excellent playing Uroš Radakovič thanks to Olomouc’s option to get insurance, so he will not return the talent of Serbian after the season to Italian Bologna. Sigma did a little. “This is a managerial job – the players who are more successful are players who do not have acclimatization right now, and they are also players who do not sit at all.Uranus has done a good job, “said Minar.”

The attacker Adam Varadi could leave Sigma in winter, which only takes a second-grain bob. However, the contract will end by the end of the season.

“At this stage he remains a B-team player,” Minar said. For sure, so far, he said, only the winter departure of the striker Jan Schulmeister; during the autumn he trained individually and in December his contract ends. “We certainly will not extend it.”

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