They met Hadamczik’s norm. We have to learn to defend the lead, says the coach

The blue-banged trio squeezed almost to their gate, but for a deafening whistle, the Trinec hockey players did not use the five-to-three power-play. “But the guys played it nicely,” David Ostřížek, Brno assailant, commended the devoted fellow.

And on Sunday, the ice hockey cliché hit: “You will not score in double the power – you will not win.”

weakening from the first third kicked, thanks to Oceera beat 3: 2. “We played very good hockey for two thirds,” said Brno coach Alois Hadamczik.

For Komet, Adam Raška, who was sold out DRFG Arenu, was awarded the première extraligový trefil, then the Forrest and the Jozef Kováčik fordard was shot in the power games. “It has been confirmed to me that three goals will win the match,” Hadamczik said.

For what their creditors will certainly not applaud, it is the last twenty minutes.The Brněnans made an unnecessary drama from the bright parts. “We said in the cabin, not to risk, but we’re still playing our game. We wanted more to wait, but Trinec in the stepped, “said Brno goalkeeper Marek Čiliak whose first clean sheet of the season at the beginning of the third act prepared Vladimír Dravecký and Erik Hrňa.

That’s not a blue and white outfit Trinec prevented. “But we have to learn to defend ourselves better,” says Hadamczik, who, on the contrary, pleased the return of the healed center of James Koreis. “He was very valid. For defense I must also commend Petra Štindla fighting for the place and playing well. “

A home again tomorrow

The comet also slows down the table drop and looks upwards from the eighth position.Of the nine duels that Brněnans will play before Christmas, they will present themselves at home six times. “We have a great atmosphere here.We have to return people and try to make points, “said Ostrizek, who for the first time at home with a teammate tried a duel with the beginning of the afternoon at 15.30. “In the morning of 8.45, you will slowly unleash your eyes, but you could survive,” added a 25-year-old striker who once again created a dangerous elite attack with his friends Jan Hruška and Vojtěch Němc. Another duel is waiting for Kometa in front of our fans, she introduced herself after more than three weeks, tomorrow, when Hradec Králové will welcome at 17.20 (broadcasting ČT sport). “We’ve been training before, now it’s better for us to play,” Ciliak said.

Would Brňany be nervous about the home games and the mandatory collection of points?No way.

“We feel the pressure, but we are a strong team and we have to stop it and fight it,” said Ostrizek. It can be confirmed by the blue-white team tomorrow.