The hard fall after the miracle with the PSG. We are not a machine, he defended Piqué’s loss of Barcelona

During the week, Barcelona’s soccer players experienced one of the biggest football history evenings when they turned the Champions League eight rounds with PSG sensationally. But on Sunday at Deportiva La Coruni, a completely different story was already written. Catalan stars in league match lost 1: 2 and put the table in front of competitors from Real. “We missed the spark,” Luis Enrique, coach of Barcelona, ​​confessed after the game.

Football lives in this uncompromising one. One evening you fly in the heavens and you are slowly immortal heroes, and four days later you are leaving the lawn of defeat and head hanging.On Sunday, this was the result of Barcelona’s football players.

La Coruni lost 1: 2, both goals after standard situations. It was a completely different match than they spent on Wednesday night at Camp Nou. They swept it at home with PSG 6: 1 and the whole world was staring at how the team depicted was celebrating the Champions League quarterfinals before the retaliation.

“We knew it was going to be a big fight, They saw it. We started well, but we missed a spark. Deportivo got into the match, we made mistakes they could use, “Luis Enrique told reporters. “The first goal was key, at least I feel that way. We did, but they were still in the game. We have missed the accuracy, which is a shame.We have to defeat and look ahead, there are still many points in the game, “said Barcelona coach.