The bar in the finish looked like a cyclocross. The stressful stage, he breathed

“I think this was the stage for us. We tried to make the most of it, we partially did it. It is a pity that Cavendish did not win, “Štybar said after he reached the finish line.

At that moment he did not even know that Cavendish was not the second, not even the third. Surprisingly, the Swiss Cancellara pushed him in front of him, which was a double misfortune for Etixx: in addition to the loss of the podium, the chances of a yellow jersey captured by Cancellara also went out. It was enough for Cavendish to finish third and to dress Tony Martin in yellow.

Newcomer Štybar did his job well, but he also ascended to the twelfth position, and is still the best of the Czechs. But it overcame enough. This stage was…”Enough stressful, heavy.As they blossomed, they all started to push forward, “he wrote.

In the second half of the 166-kilometer stretch he could recall his memories of years in the field. Variable weather made its way, and suddenly it seemed as if the cyclists were cyclists. “Yeah, it looks like that,” Štybar smiled. “As we drove the last fifty along the sea, there was a lot of sand. So now we look like this. “

Bárta attacked,

Jan Bárta was again a huge fighter. He raged on Saturday, his favorite timetable did not go away because of technical problems. A day later, he ventilated his annoyance in the best possible way.At the start he fired forward as if to say: I will show you!

“I just tried to leave, I was there,” I was pleased at the finish line, where they arrived soaked to the bone. But he was not frozen. “You’re more lenient,” he smiled. “The pack arrived with the group just before it started to rain, then it started to fire. We went fairly quickly so cold I was not at all. “

On a windy island Neeltje Jans, although he finished along with Leopold König hidden in the second group, but during a stage to loudly say the price for the most active rider of the day .

the jury ultimately awarded the Polish red number Kwiatkowskému world champion Bart would he not perhaps deserved more.Together with the three drivers he was from the first meters in the escape, taking care of the pace. When it seemed that a group of refugees would swallow the pack, he stepped into the pedals and extended his “life” at the head of the race.

He even made the Sprinter Prize and was virtually divided into a green jersey with a time-winner, Australian Dennis. Will it be so active even then? “I do not know, we’ll just see,” he did not want to foresee.

Anyway, he could see. And that’s always worth the Tour.