Prokop wishes to tame a new beast. In Portugal, he took only a point

Meanwhile, the lowest point gain in this year’s World Championship in Automobile Competitions was scored by Jihlava rider Martin Prokop at the weekend rally in Portugal.

“I know we have not been too happy for the Portuguese fans,” the 23-year-old Jipocar ​​Czech National Team admitted after the tenth pitch. “We wanted more, but we have to make and move on.”

Before the fifth part of the championship, Prokop “saddled” a brand new car. He Energybet best online betting started with the latest Ford Fiesta RS WRC’s factory development.

And that was just a hitch.The ninth man of the continuous scoring of the competition had the minimum time to get to know the new technique. “With Portugal, we have passed a single test, during which some deficiencies have been encountered, so there can be no question of proper riding and drinking. We were standing half a day, “says Prokop.

” People from M-Sport probably felt better about entering the new Fiesty WRC evolution on the race tracks because the new factory and private cars were fine- Which will not add much to the race itself, Energybet online betting free bet “Prokop continues.

“It’s not just like the old Fiona we used to be.But when this new beast is cracked, it is clear that he will know the move forward, “he believes.

Martin Prokop – Jan Tománek, Jihlava, also suffered defects in the two opening days of the Portuguese rally. “But every crew faced with more or less difficulty,” he did not seek to excuse Prokop, who moved from eleventh to the top ten in Sunday’s final stage.

“The final program was certainly attractive for tens of thousands of spectators, Then for me. Unfortunately, it was unfortunate to go, and because we were quite early on the track, we were struggling with a lot of loose gravel and just for sure slipped to the finish, “he regretted.

Jipocar ​​Czech National Team now concentrates To the next race, which is from 11.By June 14, he will go to Sardinia. “We will try to return to the old halls and enjoy the crowds of Czech fans who travel there every year,” said Quirin Müller, manager of the team.

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