Pribram – Jablonec 2: 3, home draw, but did not reach the point

The win did not breed lightly. Pribram has confirmed its spring quality despite its changes. We also made it easier for them by offering two goals to our own mistakes and we had to worry the last time. But we did it and we have three points, “Jaroslav Šilhavý, apprentice coach, said.

Pribram fought for cups last season and was one of pleasant surprises. However, her entry to the new year did not score.

Against one of the favorites for the title twice reduced to one goal difference, ten minutes before the end Bednar gave 2: 3, but more Příbramští failed.

Headlines in recent years An average of almost five goals per match, and this time played in an offensive spirit.Pribram coach Pavel Tobiáš did not miss the favor of the opponent and sent only three defensive players to the field, when Rys and Mares were also homeless.

Pribram was the first to defend Pribram, Piliere direct kick from the ideal position, but Hrubý’s goal kicked off. Energybet online betting tips The Jablonec hit the first bigger chance. After the combination came the center from the left side, the Caropusta still picked up Hruska, but Karavaev was off the bar.

In the 20th minute came another center from the left side, the Pribram defense did not watch Wagner, who touched the ball Gregus and it was no longer a problem to hit the goal.

However, the home team quickly returned to the match.After the throw-in, Pospíšil fouled in the lime of Rezka and judged Královec punished a penalty. For that reason, Pilik stood up, goalman Hrubý shot him but only back to the legs of Nábramský midfielder, who dropped from the bar.

Immediately afterwards, they performed a nice home event, but ended only by the offside and the Pílík wound He caught the Rough.

But then the offensive engines slammed. Still playing at high speed, but mostly between limes.Both teams missed a more accurate final pass.

It seemed that Pribram was breathing in on the final onslaught, but Jablonec did not give her a chance. The fourth quarter before the end, shortly after his arrival on the pitch, sent an ideal center to the head of the second reinforcement from Pilsen Wagner and the perfectly positioned header secured the win. He made his way against the club he is a kid.

Pribram just managed to lower Energybet best online betting when the alternating Brandner first seated the ball with the ball on Bednar’s head. More homeless have been eliminated and for the first time under coach Pavel Tobias they lost 11 home games. It was Jablonec who was the last to win in Pribram, then it was the place of coach Čuhel.

“Each series ends once.But while the previous home match against Jablonec was a hunt for cats with a mouse, today we were in the attack with a balanced opponent. I’m sorry we lost our first home game, but Jablonec confirmed what we expected. He waited for our mistakes and punished, “commented Pribram coach Pavel Tobias.

” We had a straight line and then we got a goal when two players did not play against the opponent. Then a failed kick and another goal. But the players rose, fought, forward, we were not behind the opponent. To give Jablonec two goals should be enough for the draw, we need to improve the defensive and the defense composition. “

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