Paradise Olmuč, purgatory of Olmütz. Portuguese explosion at Hanoi

That evening, the Portuguese will not forget, they have scored five goals in the semi-finals of the Euro Soccer Championship in 21 years. It will always be enough to say “Olmuč”, as Olomouc is their mouth, and the memories of the memorable match will come to life. The Germans can not easily forget it. Every time they hear “Olmütz,” they are confused about the shame of a 0: 5 defeat. “We were glad we did not get more than five goals,” said Horst Hrubesch, coach of Germany.

The day before the match from Prague, he declared: “We are glad to change the environment and we know again City. “How would he like to take his words back.

Fans could not get a better cast for the top of the Moravian part of the Euro.Both teams have not yet won the tournament and the Germans have been the biggest favorite. The second pair in the fight for the final was the less attractive Nordic countries in Prague. “It is a great shame that the semi-finals between Sweden and Denmark are not played in our country,” he said, patrolling Patrik Rathai, the head of the Red Chopper’s Championship.

As if he knew he would not repeat the raid of a thousand Swedes Who played restaurants and gardens in the city center during matches in the group. The instinct did not disappoint him, although the match at Andro’s stadium was attended by ten thousand spectators, no invasion by German fans took place.Halle, Langenbach, Eisern Berlin and other city names stood on the flags that only a few dozen fans fired behind one of the goals.

The Portuguese fans were about the same, with a bigger and louder crowd behind their team. The first time they celebrated in the 25th minute when the network behind Ter Stegen tightened Bernardo Silva. “Góóól,” said Fernando Guedes, the radio commentator of public service RTP Portugal, right behind us. For forty-five minutes, a steady stream of words ran out of his mouth when one wondered when he was breathing in.

Siren switched to half the time twice, and the Germans flew for a break to hide in the cabin. It did not help them, just after returning, at 46.Minute, the fourth goal in their network came from the foot of Mary. “Quatro, quatro,” the Guesdes commentator might have gone mad. At the fifth hit, the numbers have already reached him.

Just like the Germans have patience. The Portuguese gave the ball with the playful play of little boys from behind the house. Cancela was not able to keep up with Bittencourt and sent his defender to the ground. The red card, the end of the last German hopes.

“After that defeat, there is not much to say. The main difference was in reserve, the Portuguese played the class higher. She has commanded our game.

That was the main reason we lost, “says Hrubesch.

The man of the evening was Bernardo Silva, the name is good to remember. The super striker has made the first two goals Energybet free bet online and missed a single ball.In the end, he played just 50 minutes, then coach Rui Jorge withdrew to save his strength on Tuesday’s finals.

“I knew that after the fourth goal they would no longer be able to turn the match. At Energybet free online bet that moment the game broke, “the Portuguese coach admitted.

After an unexpected concert, he had only words of admiration for the performance of his team. “It’s a historic moment for all Portuguese football. It’s great that we have proven what we are doing right now against such a strong opponent. I’m very proud to be able to train this team. I’m proud of my players, “said Jorge.

The Portuguese danced from Olomouc to the Prague final. They will meet with old acquaintances from the Moravian group – Swedes on Tuesday. Who will be on top, we will only watch this time back, the Haná championship is over.Unfortunately,

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