New era of Zlín hockey players. Who will replace Tea with Leška?

The first one announced the end of his career immediately after the season, the second one laughed the yellow-blue color fans yesterday. The PSG Zlin Ice Hockey Club has come up with two of its giants during this spring.

The captain of the team and the three-time World Champion Petr Čajánek will also accompany the sporting pension also the historically most productive player of the Czech extralig Petr Leška. Hockey is a team sport and will always decide on collective performance.Zlín was not HC Lešek or HC Čajánek, “Leška said.

But it does not change the fact that when you mention their names, everyone will immediately recall Zlín.

Track just before the end of the fortieth. After years of hard work, the poop felt physically and mentally worn, Leška paradoxically broke the health that had never betrayed him before. A knee that had been angry with her last summer would not have made any further drills.

Energybet online free bets Leška has given her time to think through the opening of the summer.However, the verdict was unconquerable and did not even try to persuade him to continue.

“It is not worthwhile to persuade a player who does not feel healthy at his age in order to make a 100% match,” was the head of the PSG Zlín Patrik Kamas. “You can then get into a situation where it will not go and the club and the player will be trailing.”

The coach Rostislav Vlach does not want to talk about the new era of Zlín hockey.

It is certain, however, that the team was bleeding the same way for the last time after the 2001/02 season, when Lešek and Čajánek left it, among other things. After a year in Sparta Prague, Leška finally returned to the parent club before the first of the two Zlín championship seasons and in the summer of 2011 he was impregnated by the world-traveler Čajánek.

“The loss of experience is enormous.But everyone is replaceable and we must fight without them. The assembly can be put together slowly, “coach Vlach believes. “The boys will have an increased motivation and will do it,” Leška said.

But how to replace the two tugs, around which the team play and the cabin? They are no longer young, but they belong to the middle generation, they will have the opportunity to prove if they are the ones in which Zlín will stand in the future, “Kamas mentions the coach of Roman, a member of the broader representative Petr Holík or the best extra league newcomer from the last season of Oklahoma.

And when a bet on your own resources fails? “We will have to buy bigger ones,” said Kamas.

He has already brought two invaders from the Slovak extralig. “They excelled mainly in the shooting.We want them from them, “the team said.”

The club is still striving for another Slovakian Martin Cibak, who, unlike his compatriots, is supposed to play with Stumpf. With Tampou Energybet football betting online Bay he won the Stanley Cup, in the Russian KHL he was wearing a captain’s cap.

“This is something that testifies to his character. He could be one of the leaders, “Kamas hopes. “And he can make a hole in the center position. It is our priority, “said Vlach.

Zlín is also interested in Energybet free online bet Aleš Holík, but Šumperk has not found a match yet.