I’m blowing the whistle at the 2014 Olympic Games: There are also three Slovak soldiers

MAGGLINGEN – The Trio of Slovak Ice Hockey Judges Vladimir Baluska, Miroslav Valach and Peter Stano have the chance to decide the men’s tournament at the Winter Olympics in 2014 in Sochi. The Troika took part in the three-day campsite of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) referees in Magglingen, and they will only be able to find the definitive nomination or nomination in December.

Overall, seventeen major and fifteen line judges from twelve European and North American countries met in Switzerland. In addition to the IIHF representatives, they were also watched by four members of the NHL Arbitration Commission. Fourteen major and the same number of bar arbitrators will decide on the 2014 ZOH.Polovic of them nominates the IIHF and the second half of the NHL.

“We have been invited to the main referee and line judges. We have been organizing a similar camp for the third year, but this was also the selection and preparation of referees for the Winter Olympics, which could show us the physical condition and what they did during the summer, they showed us the skating technique, we talked about the interpretation of the rules, “ said the referee organization’s Konstantin Komisarov for the IIHF web site. The teambuilding activities and fitness tests were also lacking in the camp. “We saw that everyone was getting ready and came in shape.” said the Commissioners.

A list of judges who have taken the camp (source: iihf.com ):

Lars Brüggemann, Daniel Piechaczek (both Germans), Viacheslav Bulanov, Konstantin Olenin (both of Russia), Vladimir Baluška (SR), Morgan Johansson, Marcus Vinnerborg (both Swedes), Danny Kurmann, Brent Reiber Keith Kaval, Steve Patafie (both USA)

Scarlet: Ivan Dejulea, Chris Carlson, Jesse Wilmot (both Kan.), Petr Blümel Czech Republic), Anton Semjonov (Est.), Sakari Suominen (Fin), Pierre Dehaen (Fr.), André Schrader (Germany), Stanislav Raming (Russians), Miroslav Valach, Peter Stano Roger Arm (CHE), Tommy George, Christopher Woodworth (both USA)