He fed seven feathers. Only a coach believes I can do miracles, says an athlete

“I’m glad to be, because I was in no gear at all – I just ran out of the starting block in Ostrava. That’s why amazing time for me is 13.80, maybe I’m not so good either. Unlike a coach – he always believes I can do miracles, so I have to keep him off, “smiles the thirty-year-old native of Budišov in Třebíč and mentions coach Ludvík Svoboda, who prepares it in Olymp Olympus. In past years, when he could not race for three years and almost lost his leg, he did not hurt. “We’re just a little behind the preparation, but that’s right. With the coach we finally wanted to make the right amount, which did not happen again last year.Before the European Championships in Zurich we had a bit of a hot needle, so I still consider the fifth place to be fantastic, “Europe’s Hall of Fame reminds of its August 2011 big return.

In the middle of June, when Julisca ran for 14.27 seconds. “It was a healthy leg, just before the groin sounded, so I was running so that nothing happened to me. But now I’m much stronger and I’m running more. The only thing that these two races have in common is irreverence.As I did not go to speed, there was another gap between obstacles in Ostrava, “he says.

The highlight of the high season will be the August World Championships in Beijing and the Hall of the ME in Prague, saying that the success of the O2 arena means more for him. However, he did not reach the medal. “Because the second achilka started to bother me shortly before, I could not train and rescued me by the help of Doctor Nedelka, for me the eighth place was victory. But now the goal is clear, I’m focusing on Beijing, “she’s clear.

The championship limit is 13.47 seconds and the Czech record holder (13.27 in 2010) believes he will reach him as soon as possible. “It would be best to have a meeting in Hengel on Saturday, or at least 13.50.That’s why we are going to speed since Sunday, followed by other races, including the Odložil Memorial. And in the case of good times, I can get an invitation to big-name races, and a lot of performance can be done, “he says.

Repeat Berlin

When Beijing remembers its one and only Olympics, In Berlin in 2009. There, he was the first Czech hurdler to enter the final of the championship and occupied the sixth place.

“I would like to repeat it, it would be a pity, but now I do not want to talk about it. I do not even know how to do with the form. That’s why I have to do it. I would like to get to such a level that I can think of something beautiful and even glittering.Even the world finals would still shine, “he dreams.