Goodbye, Bazaly! Football Baník leaves the stadium where he played 56 years

The Ostravas played the first duel at Bazalach in 1959 with Ústí nad Labem, the last one is waiting there on Saturday from 17.15 against Dukla Praha. They run in retro jerseys. The club’s bosses, who start by playing legends and personalities at 15:00, invited all the living footballers who were at the first match at Bazala.

At that time Ostravski joined the group: Vladimír Mokrohajský – Bedřich Köhler, Prokop Daněk, Lubomír Štěrba, Karel Dvořák – Josef Ondračka, Zdeněk Stanczo – Tomáš Pospíchal, Miroslav Wiecek, Frantisek Sindelar, Karel Sedlacek. The substitutes were František Dvořák, Zdeněk Kosňovský, Jiří Křižák and Vilém Závalský. Coach Jaroslav Vejvoda.

“We did not have much left of the cadre.With me Köhler, Sedláček, Stanczo and Kosňovský, “said former goalkeeper Vladimir Mokrohajský, who celebrated 80 years on Friday. He came to Baník in 1958, so he started at the Old Střelnice. “But we were all looking forward to a new stand,” he reminded Bazal’s construction began in 1957. “With Baník I have brought together half of my life, of which I have played actively for fourteen years. It was the most beautiful years. “

Former defender Rostislav Vojáček likes to remember matches in European Cups. “I was the first to see Tomáš Pospíchal coach,” he said in the autumn of 1973. “It was something new to us, we were so excited because we got abroad. The cups were a great motivation for us, so we did the ride.The soldier is very well remembered by the famous rivals Baník disqualified in the 1974 – 1975 Cup Cup winners – San Sebastian (1: 0 and 4: 0) FC Nantes (0: 1 and 2: 0 in overtime), SSC Naples (2: 0 and 1: 1). “The match in Naples was unforgettable,” said Vojacek. “There were seventy thousand spectators in the auditorium and we won 2-0. In the quarterfinals, Borussia Mönchengladbach (0: 1 and 1: 3) stopped at the top of Europe. “

All former players have Bazals associated with excellent fans and a stormy atmosphere. “Eighteen thousand people attended each game.I have the goose skin when I recall the roar, the applause, “said the cannonist Václav Daněk.

Stoper René Bolf in Bazals played his first representative match. It was August 16, 2000 – The Czech Republic lost to Slovenia 0: 1. “It was a friendly match and a lot of players apologized, so I got the opportunity,” said René Bolf. “It was more of a league choice, but it was a wonderful experience. Representing and still at Basal. “

What performance he has no longer remembered. “But maybe bad when we lost,” he smiled. “Then I was not in the national team for about three years, but when Jarabinsky coach came to Baník, he got us up again and got back to him.And the top was the bronze at the European Championship in Portugal. “

From the next season Banik will play at the rebuilt city stadium in Ostrava. “I like the stadium, it is modern, but the problem is the athletic track,” said Václav Daněk. He wishes, however, that Bazals remain preserved. “They are part of the club’s history, but also of the whole city,” he said. “Those who have close to the sport can not imagine Ostrava without Bazal.”