French Open winner Patrik Rikl: Tata’s copy that mimics Stepanek

Patrick Rikl is talking about Czech tennis hopes. A seventeen-year-old boy does not deny the genes of his father, David Rikl, the former second-world deblist, which he confirmed on Sunday with a junior title in the doubles at the French Open. However, he would like to be more successful in singles in which he is admired by fighter David Ferrer, although he, as opposed to the Spaniard, confesses the attack style.

On Sunday, Patrick Rikl fought his first grandslam laurel with Israeli Yschaio Oliele , Which in Paris proved just like the third Czech junior in the game. In front of him 31 years ago, Petr Korda and Cyril Suk enjoyed the triumph.

“A lot of people congratulate me and it’s great that so many people know.That’s good, “said pleased Rikl, a Sparta player in Prague. “I’m creating a game and I’m trying to get on the net like Stepanek,” he said. He was named by the experienced daviscup representative Radek Štěpánka, who this year’s Roland Garros banged Brit Andy Murray.

Paradoxically, The ATP admires the clay specialist Ferrero. “I like how he struggles, how each ball wins itself and how it bites. I’m also a fighter, “Rikl said. But on the other hand he added that he was playing a completely different style. “I like Ferrera very much, but it is not for me. I’m not a Spaniard. I’m an aggressive player. “

With his vision and voice he is similar to his father, and he’s also gaining more success in the doubles.Before the triumph of Roland Garros this year also played the final of the junior doubles on the Australian Open. “I think I was born with something and I have something for my dad,” Rikl junior smiled. But he would like to succeed in singles. “I prefer it more, but I am also enjoying the debut.”

In the singles, it fights not only opponents, but also with pressure. It strives to compare it with being considered one of the hopes of Czech tennis. “I have it in the subconscious and I put pressure on myself, because I think others expect something more, and it’s hard to cope with that pressure,” he said he is also working on psyche. “I have to go a step in my way and I do not have to let it go,” he repeated.

He looked a lot last week at the French Open.In the cloak of the Suzanne Lenglen Stadium, he saw that Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray singles were just normal mortals. “I saw them upstairs as they rehearse as they train and play. That was great and they are people like me, “said Rikl, who is currently decorating the beard. “I wanted to try. So far I like it and let it go, “he said with a smile.