Brabec has already settled in Genk and is getting used to a faster competition

Jakub Brabec has already found a gaming rhythm and acclimated after moving to Belgian Genk. Now he will try to confirm it in the national team, even though he realizes that he will have difficulty getting on the bench. I also liked the invitation.

“I knew that (assistant coach of the team) Boris Kočí came to see our match with Sassuole, so I tried odds bonus norge to prepare myself as best as possible. I’m here, but I know there’s no time for testing in the team, so every point is important, so I’m not going to play, “Brabec said.

He is glad that coach Karel Jarolim is inviting As well as new players, such as Lukáš Dropp’s midfielder. “It’s a demonstration that the coach looks at all players and everyone has a chance to show up.Even those players who are being cleaned in the less watched leagues, “he added.

He has only one start in the national team, from a March preparatory match against Sweden. But he did not represent the start of the new season because of his possible transfer. “And coach Ščasný did not want to build players with a change in his head even though I told him that I was ready. I respected it, it was just foolish that at that time we had more information that the transfer would not slow down, “Brabec recalled.

Eventually he moved to Genk from day to day. He acclimated in the month and he does not regret his decision. “I’m happy. I have already got into the set.Everyone can communicate there in English, I already found a bar, so there is my family with me. Everything works. Even in the cabin there is a good bunch and fun as we do in Sparta. This is not the betting sider på nett case abroad, “Brabec described.

” There is also a very young manchaft. I always felt like a young player, but there I am among the older ones. I do not want to stagnate, I want to grow, and that’s why I wanted to change “, he added.

In this respect, he leaves for the Belgian league, although he does not like to compare the competition with the Czech league, That football is much faster and more demanding for the stoper. “It’s at a different pace, I’m under more pressure. Everything is less time. In every match against us, our opponents had an extra player in the offensive.Maybe we played in Kortrijk, so I thought it might be cool, but we got four. They were really good. It was a ride from the first minute to the last minute, “Brabec said.

” The ride “must be ready even if Jarolim’s coach gets a chance on Saturday at the field of acting champions of the Germans world. “Today we watched the video and there is great quality, the world players who will certainly show us against us. But Sparta also played against the better-performing teams, “Brabec believes in a chance for Czech success.

He is convinced that Czech footballers will not play against Germany as defensively as against Spain on European championship. “We do not have to drag the lime and wait for the three to give us.That match with Spain is a little scary for us. Fans, but we do not want to do that either. The original intention will definitely be different, though it may happen that we are going to play it so it will look similar, “added the Spartan Pug.

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