Boleslav – Sparta 2: 3, the guests lost, after half of the three goals they turned the duel

Within a week, Sparta will have a chance at home at Summer Opponent from Pilsen. However, Boleslav had a great deal of trouble.

She started very well and was leading after four minutes: midfielder Zahustel, who decided to score 2-0 in Pilsen a week ago, flipped through Bartla’s center, jumped Costu “Sparta has had more of a game, and again, as in Plzeň, we relied on a counterattack. Today, we came to the lead before, it was a shame we did not use the next chance for Duriš to increase. Sparta also had a chance, keeper Hruška kept us.The half-time was good, we were warned that we must be careful, but Sparta punished us, “said Karel Jarolim, the Boleslav coach.

It was a blow to the guests that they could not recapture in the first half. They helped them with a half-time break, then they went to the pitch at a much higher pace. It took five minutes to score the score.

Konata, who was in the first half to replace the injured Marek and often hired his home, ran off to the right, sent the ball into lime and brought his ball into the slip Goal Kadlec.

Just two more minutes later Sparta could have led: Lafata shot from behind the lime, the ball flew under the bar but goalkeeper Hruska flashed with a great deal.Not for the first time – he had already been able to tame a dangerous Costa wound or Vacha’s technical experiment. Like Zahustel, Pear again pulled against the team that fought for the title. In the last round he picked Pilsen, he had long quarreled the Spartans. But finally he did not save Boleslav’s points.

A wild two-minute came: In the 65th minute the Sparta goalkeeper Štěch went into the match with Zahustelem, in the air there was a crash, and the ball went into the net. Judge Marek, who for the first half forgone the second yellow card to home Štohanzl, did not recognize the goal.

After a few seconds of wild Boleslav protests, Sparta launched a quick action that led to the winning goal.At the limit of lime, Dočkal shoved the ball in front of the young Křapka stopper, who had left his leg in the runway and ordered a penalty kick.

The penalty was beaten by Kadlec, Pearce was not entitled.And a quarter of an hour before the end, he did not even reach Kadeřábka, who was ultimately the winner of Sparta.

Boleslav was able to reduce even more, three minutes before the end of the turn, he sent the ball behind Stewart’s substitute Wagner. P> Even in the 1: 2 position, the home could be even – Štěch picked up Bartla and Zahustel did not even fight another fight in the title fight: with a light arc he sent the ball behind the Spartan goalie, but close to the far stick. So in a very handsome and tense match, at the end of which the home side wanted a penalty after the Kovacs procedure, she had three points. And the title fight was a little tangled again.

“We knew it was going to be an extremely difficult game. In Pilsen, Mlada Boleslav played great, she had a great motivation, the deployment was enormous.The match affected our gross mistake, which added more to the home. We had a chance there, and we called for players to have more races and more pressure. The match must have liked people. We made it a little bit complicated by a 2: 3 goal, but we won the honor, “said Zdeněk Ščasný, a Spartan coach.