Bolek successfully represented Kozáček, at the chance Džek said he was lucky

A lot of sharp start to the season was played by Petr Bolek goalkeeper of Plzeň. In the opening match of the European League with AS Rome, he had to represent the wounded Matúš Kozáček at the last minute and helped to 1-1 draw at home. At his best evening against Edin Džek, he was a thirty-three-year-old footballer, according to his words, and good luck.

“Yesterday I learned to catch up on the evening training. It did not cure for the night, it was not a complication, I was training all the time, I was ready to jump, “he told reporters Bolek, who did not make much of the big names in Rome. “You can not take that.We played against high-quality players and you know how many times you do not know what to expect, “added the goalman.

The first competitive match for the season did not start well for him because the visiting Diego Perotti scored in the fourth minute But Marek Bakoš was just seven minutes away from the game. “We were surprised because it was such a penalty from nothing. It was a great shame, but it kicked us a little bit, and maybe we started to play more in the first place and quickly settled, “said a native of Ostrava.

When Perotti’s penalty stayed in place. I saw he was waiting for the last minute, looking at me and kicking it practically without looking at the ball. I did not want to make the first move.So I was ready for him, or he would have done a good job on the other, “explained Bolek, who complained to the referee after the goal. ” I thought he stopped moving, but maybe it just seemed to me . I did a little bit of it, “he added.

After a half hour of play, Radja Nainggolan helped him with a stick. ” I just cheered, otherwise I could not do anything too big to do it. with a smile, but in the second half he looked face to face with the alternating Džek. “It was a bit lucky to have read and respond to that change of direction,” described the Pilsen goalkeeper.

He was delighted that Viktoria was an Italian favorite of a rival. “I’m positive about the game. Certain hints from our side were.Hard to say, but I think we were not toothless ahead. It could have started with three points, but better than nothing. Last year we started with three points and then we did not add anything, so it will be the opposite, “Bolek said.

The coach Roman Pivarník also praised him. Showed that we have balanced goalies. Bolek gave excellent performance, of course, Matúš Kozáček was represented adequately. Let’s see how the Goat can get together. It was not easy for Bolek because we did not rotate the goalkeepers, he was the last one in preparation, “said Pivarník.