Being home is not an advantage for the Euro. Czech footballers rely on fans

Since 1994, the Czech Republic has been participating in the final struggles for the European Champion in the age of 21, but for the first time in the history of the championship. What does it mean in terms of Energybet online betting promotions sport?

Playgrounds and stadiums well known by footballers. There are thousands of fans who will come to support them. These are undeniable benefits. All three matches in the basic group, in which the Czechs in Prague are coming to a close with Denmark, Serbia and Germany, are already sold out.

But the home tournament also brings difficulties. Great expectations, pressure from the public and the media, with which not everyone can cope. And in case of unfavorable development, support from the tribune can change in a stressful environment.

“I know everything will be evaluated according to the results and the game shown.That’s what we’re ready for, “says coach Jakub Dovalil.

He leads the team in the second championship. Four years ago in Denmark, she played in smaller towns and in a chamber atmosphere. The team around Dočkal, Gecov, Váchy and Pekharta has reached the semifinal.

Now Kadeřábka, Brabce, Kalase et al. Games in the biggest Czech stadiums are waiting, there will be almost twenty thousand people in the auditorium.

“I think we can do it. In football you are under pressure all the time, and you must be able to live with it, “emphasizes Dovalil.

“We have players who have gone through Sparta, and they are pressured and full of stadiums accustomed. Rather, I think we can fuck it.Three thousand years ago, in the barrage in Russia, there were also twenty thousand people, and there the atmosphere helped us, even if we did not, “says the coach.

Besides Spartians, there are Petrak and Kalas in the team. In England during the spring, some of the more than twenty thousand spectators took part in some games.

“I do not think pressure can be a disadvantage. Everyone has to get to the best performances and it does not matter if he plays in Russia, Romania or home. That’s the same for all teams, “says stooper Tomas Kalas, who first entered Middlesbrough.

” If people are going to cheer us, then this may be our advantage. But as we all know, not always the full stadium means fan support.I hope, of course, that people are going to be the twelfth player. “

The Stoper, who is Chelsea, praises one more thing at the championship:” We are home where we have all the comforts. When you need anything, you can do it. Some things abroad must always be handled through someone else. We have been training for two years under the same conditions, we are at the same hotel. “

When the Czech youth started preparing for the tournament at home, dozens of fans arrived on the first day of the autograph event and in rainy weather. Interest has exceeded expectations. “I was pleasantly surprised, I appreciate it,” says Spartan midfielder Ladislav Krejci.People even called his name. “It all helps us and raises self-esteem.”

The Czech Republic hosted a world championship in May, with a total of 742,000 fans, which is the most history. According to pre-sales figures, it is certain that even a small Euro will beat the record that Israel holds with 176,000 fans in 2013. A total of 230,000 tickets were Energybet online betting free bets available for the Czech Championship.

“I believe fan support will be great. Of course, we realize that they will want results, good football, maximum deployment, “says Tailor. “I wish it was like hockey.”

So far, the greatest euphoria of the 17th was experienced fifteen years ago when the championship hosted Slovakia.It was the first time that the system was the most similar to the current one – two groups in four, the winners played in the final, the second in the bronze order.

The thousands of fans commuted to the group matches in Trencin against Spain, the Netherlands and Croatia From the Czech Republic and the team around Jankulovsky, Ujfaluši and Baroše helped to the final, where he succumbed to Italy.

Two years later, semifinals took place in Switzerland. This year, this system is played in the Czech Republic, with Poland in 2017 counting with twelve participants.

Until 1994, the European Championship under 21 years played similarly to European Cups, ie the play-off system until the final The organizer was none.In the following years eight teams came out of the qualification for the final battle and the semi-finals were played in one country. Then came the revolution that began in Slovakia. By the way, Italy has the most triumphs in the category of up to 21 years, the tournament won five times, but never managed to.

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