At the US Open the Russian final Kuznecov – Dementiev

NEW YORK – In the finals of women’s singles at the US Open’s grandslam grandslam event at the hard-surface courts in New York (a total subsidy of 17,750 mil.USD) for the first time in 123-year history will be presented by two Russian representatives – Svetlana Kuznecovová and Jelena Dementievova.

For this year’s grand & yacute grandslam & yacute tournaments for the third time; once bud & uacute; act & eacute to fight for the primacy of the singles and the hardcore of the same country.

< - Clijstersov & aacute; on the Australian Open, the Russian duels Myskinov & aacute; - Dementievov & aacute; on Roland Garros the species & yacute; kr & aacute; t will be presented in the decisive and com- pacing of two Russians.

Kuznetsov & aacute; winning at Friday’s semifinals and over a tournament winner Lindsay Davenport from the USA in 87 minutes & 1: 6, 6: 2, 6: 4.Dev & auml; tn & aacute; sťročn & aacute; rod & aacute from St. Petersburg post & uacute; saw to his first eacute; grandslamov & eacute; ho singlov & eacute; ho fin & aacute; le kari & eacute; re.

At this year’s US Open in Scaron, there will be a fight with Jelena Lichovcev, a fellow countryman, to fight for the first women’s creations. Semifin & aacute; le lep & scaron; started with Davenport & aacute ;, who & aacute; in 21 min & uacute; t easy from & iacute; skala prv & yacute; set. Kuznetsov & aacute; in scaron if you did not give the fate in the 1: 6 and 0: 2 scenarios and scaron; n & uacute; rou & scaron; act.

“I do not want to believe what I’m doing,” Lindsay said, “I am very pleased with what, in the first session, I have been trying to improve my career.From the victory over Davenport’s mood, he was a joyous joy. In front of me is a scaron, if you & scaron one of the & aacute; passport, on which & yacute; you will be able to become a new world player.

it will be after the US Open Francs, although it has already dropped out in New York as well as in the United States and the United States.Also kind & yacute; Russian-US & yacute; Semifinals & CORPORATE fish & yacute; The fight ended with the triumph of the Euro and the Olympic Games. & Scaron; Jelena Dementievov & aacute; played 135 minutes & ugled; tournaments & ucutes; Eighty Jennifer Capriati & Uacute; 6: 0, 2: 6, 7: 6 (5) and post & uacute; to your kind & eacute; ho grandslamov & eacute; ho fin & aacute; le.

the set lasted only 17 min & uacute; S & uacute; perku, ktoré aacute; has been dropped and the scratch has been destroyed, it has been destroyed, and has been destroyed. In the second phase, the castles and uacute were replaced. After the first & uacute, spe & scaron; nom brejku at 3: 2 began to dominate the yard 28-year & aacute; American.T & CORPORATE model & aacute; p & auml; t & iacute; from scratch and scaron, three games (6: 2).

In the third drama drama & eacute set (86 min), the two players will be overhauled. 5: 5 Dementievov & aacute; op & auml; lost her submission, but Capriatiov & aacute; t & uacute; to v & yacute; not used. In the mystery, Russian & aacute; tennis player 5: 2, eventually changed the species & yacute; 7: 5, and in a scaron, a joyful meeting; “

” It was a very good year and a few years ago, and I made the most of my time to go to the net, because it was the only way I was able to do it, and I was so tired and so tired that I could not even be nervous.Fin & aacute; hunting & aacute; The part is surprised for me, “said Dementievov & aacute ;, who, for the exhaustion, then cut out the semifin & aacute; le & scaron, the creations.

Twenty a week and a mosquito will, after three months, fight for grandslam & yacute; title and is the only one with two & uacute parts in the fin & aacute singles at this year’s big and scaron tournaments.It was not enough in Paraiaute to live with my fellow countryman Anastasiu Myskinov & uacute;

America and yahoo, tennis since the beginning of 1988 will not have a role in the US Open in the finals of male and female singles.