Again, we played like a clenched fist, relishing coach Trpišovský


While after Saturday’s defeat 0: 3 in the derby in Jablonec was coach football libereckých Henry Trpišovský much dejected after Thursday’s victory 3: 0 over Karabakh in European League praised his players for possibly the best performance of the season. He enjoyed that North Bohemia fulfilled wishes and the last matches of the group in December on the grounds of PAOK Thessaloniki maintain hope for progress.

“We have a weak patch for the derby in Jablonec, which we grossly wrong. Our Saturday’s performance in the derby was the worst time since I was in. It had a single football betting advantage that it could not be worse,” he said after the match with Karabakh Trpišovský.

“In Jablonec we sat in the locker room about 20 minutes and fell there a lot of harsh words from all sides. Players get it then evaluated, met after the match here at the stadium. I was not there, but vyříkali things that were not quite right. as you can see, it was a good thing. He cleaned the air that was thick enough lately, “he added Trpišovský.

According to him, it was about the relationship between things players. “I’m not saying that it was something serious, but rather among the players. We were behind a period when successful. They went down some speeches on the field, in terms of militancy, commitment and responsibility. So the days before the match was in the spirit that again, we have to play together as a team, that’s for us to be holy. I want to praise our players that after a long time again played like a clenched fist, “said Trpišovský.

Karabakh came to Liberec with a business card team that won seven times in a row without a received goal and journalists from Azerbaijan joked before the game if he could coach of Slovan magic when he wants opponent to beat. “I gave your advice and in the evening I walked magic and circus in Liberec. Some spells I’ve learned so much for the advice,” he joked Trpišovský.

His whole won for the first time in five duels in which he’s only goal. “I think that really behind it was not magic, but maybe one of the best performances of our team in a season. And the change? I think the league is something different than cups. In Europe, little is otherwise prevented,” it said. “It’s always about the key moments. Now we got the first goal in Jablonec are contrary 0: 0 did not give a penalty. On Saturday went crucial moments against us, to us today. But it’s just one game and I do not fly in the clouds and say that everything is in order, “he added.